Thursday, 24 June 2010

Barry M Lip Joys

Hey there peeps,

Well as you can see I am still having layout problems. I’m getting fed up trying to fix it to be honest. I’ve tried so many things. I am going to get googling and see if I can find any hints on what to do.

But any way onto the make up.

A while back I got myself some Barry M lip products. I believe there was an 3 for 2 offer on at the time in Boots. Although it aint like I need much of an excuse to buy products. I like Barry M, I think for the price they do some great little numbers and I adore their Nail Paints. For me they last longer on my nails chip free than any other polish, including Nails Inc each with a top coat. My only wish is that they would bring out some paler colours. I love my vivid nail colours but I work in an environment where it’s just not the done thing. In fact it’s pretty much ruled out (poo).

So here are the beauties I picked up.

And some swatches for ya!

Firstly two glosses. Now I’m not a huge gloss fan any more. I have long very thick hair that I tend to wear down most days plus I live in a very windy city. So hair plus wind plus gloss not great. Plus I feel sorry for Mr E every time I kiss him with gloss on, don’t think glittery lips is a look he’s really going for! Lol However these colour caught my eye.

I love nudes and caffe latte colours so this was right up my street. Number 2 or “toffee” as their website calls it is very sheer, a tad sticky but I’m still feeling it. I have to mention the smell, it’s like chocolate and very strong so if you aren’t a fan of scented products stay away. This I tend to wear on it’s own when I’m wearing a strong eye.

Second up is number four otherwise known as Pastel Pink. I have to admit I was a little disappointed as it’s way pale. I’m very faired skinned but this is just too light for me. I’m not a fan of the concealer on the lips look! It does have a fine glitter through it but it's not overly obviously. I noticed more on the swatch on my hand than on my lips. Smell wise we are going strong again, this time it’s like sweeties. I can’t place it but it reminds me of a specific sweet. This I tend to pop over a pink lippie for a touch of highlight and shine.

Last but not least is a Lip Paint. Number 147 or Peachy Pink if you like. It’s super super matte, I can honestly say I kinda forgot about this colour so I’ve yet to wear it for a full day (guess what I’m wearing tomorrow!). It’s not my usual type of colour but if you have read my blog for a while you may know that I was trying to shake things up a bit, I was in a lippie rut. To be honest I’m not seeing the pink in this? Looks peachy orange to me.

So have you tried these folks?

What’s your latest lip purchase?

E xxx

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