Monday, 21 June 2010

Olay's Total Effect - Totally Sold (also layout problems HELP)

A while back I decided to get myself a decent moisturiser. I had tried various little cheapy numbers that I liked the look or smell of. Nothing however seemed to compete with my E45 cream. I have normal to dry skin and nothing seemed to get rid of those little patches of dryness like good old E45. However it's quite a heavy cream so I didn't use it in the morning. Firstly as I didn't have the time to wait for it to sink in and secondly no SPF.
So off to the shops I went unsure of what to get. I had quite liked the look of Olays Total Effects but I knew it was pricey, Boots at the time had a three for two offer on. Although this would still work out to £32 for the day and night versions so not to be sniffed at price wise. However I thought it might be worth it. Luckily I decided to pop into Superdrug which was literally just next door to see what price they had it at. To my utter joy they had a half price offer on. Therefore I managed to pick up the day and night creams for only £16! All for walking less than 20 feet. Gotta love Superdrug.

So on to the creams. Neither have a scent that I can pick up. Both settle into the skin pretty quickly and are not heavy at all. A little goes a long way too thankfully. Unfortunately with the design of the bottle it's hard to tell how much is actually left. I’ll need to hold them up to a light to see if that helps! It’s a pump design but it’s fairly sensitive so no need to waste product.
Now I know this is expensive stuff and it's hard for me to tell if it's helping with lines and wrinkles as I‘m trying to get in with the creams before the major wrinkles appear (I'm not that old honest!) but I can certainly say that I've seen a change in the way my skin feels. Gone are the dry patches and it's softer than it's been in a long time. I will point out that I do drink lots of water however I did before and still needed E45. I really do think that I will get this again once I run out. Here’s hoping there is an offer on when that happens.

So guys have you tried the stuff? What are your thoughts?

Also please if anyone can help me in regards to the layout problems I am having. For some reason my right hand side bar is stuck at the bottom of the page. When I go to the layout page it shows on the right? Totally confused - HELP!


  1. I had the same problem too. Im not sure how i fixed it but it went to normal as i made a 2'end blog :/

  2. Thanks, at least I know it aint just me. No idea how to fix it. I tried making a second blog but no joy!
    E x

  3. hey Eliza! maybe, you've been choosing the wrong layout pattern. either that, or all your gadgets are for the lower bar. make sure you go to the "Layout" page and check. OR it could also be a problem with the HTML in the original layout. try going to the site you got the background from, and check if they have a help page.

    dunno how helpful that was :) all i could think of! x

  4. I've tried removing the background I got from "The cutest blog on the block" and going with the basic templates offered by blogger but still no joy. I have picked the template in the layout page and it shows as having a side bar when I move my gadgets and they show on the right. However when I save it and go to my blog they are all down the bottom. Makes no sense and I'm pulling out my hair!
    Going to google and see if I can find any more hints. Thanks for your suggestions though. x


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