Thursday, 29 July 2010

Off topic - Crochet granny scarf

Off topic post here - soz
Some of you might already know from previous posts that I am learning to knit and crochet. Crochet has been my main focus of late. It works up so much quicker than my knitting but I do want to learn both. When I first started to learn I bought a whole bunch of acrylic yarn which is cheaper. I didn't want to waste expensive yarn on my first crappy attempts. Now that I am more confident (with the crochet at least) I am left with a whole bunch of acrylic stuff to use up before I can justify buying more expensive supplies.

So I found the pattern for and made this. Mr E said I looked "foreign" in it which made me laugh. I might make another in different colours.

On the some topic folks I've decided that I will do some sort of give away soon with something that I have made. Depending on how keen people are to join in that is. I was thinking of some sort scarf or cowl so size (like a hat) doesn't matter.
Hope you are all doing well - it's nearly Friday Wooo Hoooo

Monday, 26 July 2010

FOT(other)D and a Smashbox Fail

Hey there peeps,

Hope you are all keeping well. I’ve not been too great of late. Got a bit of a stomach bug which has been fun.

As I was looking whiter than white the other day I thought I would go with it and try a deep lip, pale face look.

Also as my previous post stated I have recently stepped into the world of Twilight. Love it or hate it it’s everywhere. Any way I know I am late to this party. So here is a FOT(other)D. Embracing my vampire pale skin! Tee hee

I used a pale skin tone shade on the lids just to even them out colour wise. A tiny, tiny reddy brown from a Sleek palette in the socket and the black liner from my Smashbox palette.

On this note I have to say I am not keen on the Smashbox palette at all (see previous post). The colours seem so washed out and thin compared to my beloved Bobbi Brown gel liners. They also don’t last as long as the BBs, creasing and fading as the day goes on. I ’m kinda gutted to be honest as I wanted this for so long. Really wanted to love the product but unfortunately I don’t. Feels like a bit of a waste of cash really. Will be sticking to my BB’s from now on. Anyone else tried this? What’s your thought on it?

The lippie is Illamasqua’s Diablo, gotta love that name, which I should wear more often as I love it, used with a Barry M deep purple lip liner.

Touch of mascara and a tiny touch of blusher (I really was super pale).

So what’s inspired you of late?

E x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Twilight or not to Twilight...that is the question

So folks (don‘t worry ,no spoilers about the movies or the books),

Where do you sit in the Twilight debate. Lover or Hater?

For a long time I have avoided all things Twilight. Partly due to the fact that I am a long time Buffy fan and I just couldn’t get on board with the twinkling vampires walking about in the day time and partly because it was just EVERYWHERE! If you live in the UK you might know what I mean when I say it was like seeing Katie Price everywhere, just too much.

Now with that said part of me also wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was certainly curious. Then Michael Sheen announced that he was going to be in the second movie. Now that I HAD to watch. I love him and to see him as a vamp….well…Hello! In order to watch it though I needed to see the first movie right. So I watched, enjoyed (apart from a few parts that were a bit too OTT lovey dovey wise IMO, and I wasn’t too keen on the fighting style in the first movie, although these were all small things).

I started to chat to the girls in work that were fans and finally got round to seeing the second movie. Only compliant - NOT ENOUGH MICHAEL SHEEN. ;)

So now I think was about the time I was hooked. I went to see the third movie last week and have got my hands on the first three books (still need to get the fourth).

So what about you guys? Are you a fan.

Oh and I’m Team Edward! Lol

E x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hey there folks

In my previous post I said I would share a couple of photos of my latest Illamasqua buy on.

Well here they are. With out flash above and with flash below. The application was a little slap dash as I was trying to catch the natural light (it's been really dull for the last few days).

Box is still my favourite Illamasqua lipstick so far (Lipstick Rules loves it too) but this is a close second. I used to only do a bold lip once in a while but now I am going for it more often and with products like these it's easy to get addicted!

Are you a bold lip girl?
E x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Illamasqua Joy

After my Illamasqua disaster with the gorgeous Matter eyeshadow when moving I thought I would share with you the other the product that I got with my discount. Thankfully this survived the fall.
Salacious lipstick. A matte bright fushcia that I am LOVING. It's super bold so I would only wear it with a very simple eye. I will take a photo of this on soon. Like the other Illamasqua lippies that I own the pigment is amazing. They are very long lasting. I have only tried the matte finishes, purely by accident, so I think my next purchase might have to be a different one for a change. Although the next lipstick that has my eye is a MAC one.
So folks, what's your favourite Illamasqua lipstick or is there a colour you covet?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Illamasqua disaster!

Hey there folks,

Hope you guys are all doing well (almost Friday!).

Just before I move house I got an email from the lovely folks at Illamasqua. I had entered their nail polish competition and had got down to the final 50. As a little gift I got 25% off products for a set time. As we were moving I felt a bit cheeky buying expensive make up but Mr E said to treat myself. Well he didn't have to tell me twice. Nice one.

One of the products I bought was "Matter" a gorgeous gun metal gray eye shadow that I had wanted for quite some time. So a few days later it was mine. Here is was...lovely.

And here it is after our move! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hadn't even had a chance to wear it. It, and several other expensive product feel out of a box and down a flight of stairs. I lost a whole bottle of High Beam from Benefit that just smashed into a hundred pieces. Luckily a couple of other Illamasqua products survived the fall onto concrete (says a lot for the packaging).

I don't know what to do. Do I crush it down? I've never pressed shadows before and I'm not sure where to get, our how expensive, the tools are to do so.

Any suggestions folks?

E xxx

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Internet how I have missed you

Hey there guys!

Well I'm been in the process of moving for the last week hence the lack of posts. Today we got our internet connected YIPEE! Still have lots to move and sort out but we are going to give it a rest for a little while. Hopefully this means some blogging time.
I also have a make up related moving disaster story! Not good.

Any way I will be back soon, hope you are all well in the blogging world.

E x