Thursday, 8 July 2010

Illamasqua disaster!

Hey there folks,

Hope you guys are all doing well (almost Friday!).

Just before I move house I got an email from the lovely folks at Illamasqua. I had entered their nail polish competition and had got down to the final 50. As a little gift I got 25% off products for a set time. As we were moving I felt a bit cheeky buying expensive make up but Mr E said to treat myself. Well he didn't have to tell me twice. Nice one.

One of the products I bought was "Matter" a gorgeous gun metal gray eye shadow that I had wanted for quite some time. So a few days later it was mine. Here is was...lovely.

And here it is after our move! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hadn't even had a chance to wear it. It, and several other expensive product feel out of a box and down a flight of stairs. I lost a whole bottle of High Beam from Benefit that just smashed into a hundred pieces. Luckily a couple of other Illamasqua products survived the fall onto concrete (says a lot for the packaging).

I don't know what to do. Do I crush it down? I've never pressed shadows before and I'm not sure where to get, our how expensive, the tools are to do so.

Any suggestions folks?

E xxx


  1. OUCH. I really feel sorry for you :( Erm there are a load of pressing tutorials on YouTube and you can buy either rubbing alcohol from the store or pressing medium from Coastal Scents for relatively cheap prices. I know how pricey Illamsasqua is so you wouldn't want to waste it... :( Ow again :(

  2. Oh no! I bought a bottl of surgical spirits frm Boots and hav use that to disinfect/press something. You could justput all the powder in and put a layer of grease proof paper on it and then something that fills out the pan (or cut some cardboard pieces to the same size) and then layer it up so it fills the pan, and then put some really heavy things on top (books, bed leg etc). That might press the powder but it might not 'bonf'. Worth trying before anything else though.

    Good luck xx

  3. Thanks guys, I have seen a few "how to" on pressing but never tried it. But as this stuff aint cheap I think I might. So gutted but at least the rest of my stuff survived!
    E x

  4. I've had a few shatter on me that just can't press again, and I usually just get a little pot or jar and crush them into that, and use it as a loose powder. At least that way you don't have to just toss it out.

  5. I've never managed to press something successfully, so if it doesn't work for you, crush it up some more and put it into a pot, works like a pigment type product :) I did this when my MAC 15 palette smashed because I didn't want to attempt to press 15 highlighters!! xx

  6. rubbing alcohol works. start by removing the broken eye shadow from the container into a plastic flap. clean the container properly. press down the eyeshadow into fine powder. then, add about 3-4 drops of alcohol to it, and mix it. gradually, add more alcohol until you get a fine paste, then transfer it back into the container and let it set for about 20-30 minutes. to press it down, put a piece of cloth over it and gentle press down with your hands. i wish i could give you a link to a proper How-To, but i forgot to save the link. :/

    hope this works!


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