Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Illamasqua Joy

After my Illamasqua disaster with the gorgeous Matter eyeshadow when moving I thought I would share with you the other the product that I got with my discount. Thankfully this survived the fall.
Salacious lipstick. A matte bright fushcia that I am LOVING. It's super bold so I would only wear it with a very simple eye. I will take a photo of this on soon. Like the other Illamasqua lippies that I own the pigment is amazing. They are very long lasting. I have only tried the matte finishes, purely by accident, so I think my next purchase might have to be a different one for a change. Although the next lipstick that has my eye is a MAC one.
So folks, what's your favourite Illamasqua lipstick or is there a colour you covet?


  1. I've only got the one Illamasqua lipstick for now - Obey, it's an amazing matte peach. This one looks GORGEOUS though!

  2. I love Box! I love the look of this one too!


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