Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Twilight or not to Twilight...that is the question

So folks (don‘t worry ,no spoilers about the movies or the books),

Where do you sit in the Twilight debate. Lover or Hater?

For a long time I have avoided all things Twilight. Partly due to the fact that I am a long time Buffy fan and I just couldn’t get on board with the twinkling vampires walking about in the day time and partly because it was just EVERYWHERE! If you live in the UK you might know what I mean when I say it was like seeing Katie Price everywhere, just too much.

Now with that said part of me also wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was certainly curious. Then Michael Sheen announced that he was going to be in the second movie. Now that I HAD to watch. I love him and to see him as a vamp….well…Hello! In order to watch it though I needed to see the first movie right. So I watched, enjoyed (apart from a few parts that were a bit too OTT lovey dovey wise IMO, and I wasn’t too keen on the fighting style in the first movie, although these were all small things).

I started to chat to the girls in work that were fans and finally got round to seeing the second movie. Only compliant - NOT ENOUGH MICHAEL SHEEN. ;)

So now I think was about the time I was hooked. I went to see the third movie last week and have got my hands on the first three books (still need to get the fourth).

So what about you guys? Are you a fan.

Oh and I’m Team Edward! Lol

E x


  1. I'm a huge Twilight fan and read all books =)
    Although the books are better than the movies but I also love the movies --> Robert Pattinson♥ :D
    So I'm definitely Team Edward. Hm I just don't like Jacob and the character he is playing..

  2. I have read the books, but I couldn't make it past the first minutes of the first movie. I think it is horrible, not only the special effects, but also that it lacks crucial details from the books, and I can't stand Kristen Steward's acting - she has no expression at all! And I don't get it why everybody is hooked on vampires... and they could have chose someone wayyyy better than Robert Pattinson for the role.

    No offense, this is just my opinion. I'm sick of hearing and seeing Twtilight everywhere. Maube I'm just too old for that?

  3. I read the books, and while they were definitely Young Adult (I think I said at the time that they weren't well written but they were very entertaining), I did enjoy reading them. They were like brain candy.
    The movies... oh god, the movies... I've watched the first two and they were HORRID. I blamed the director the first time because seriously, it should be impossible to have an entire cast act that badly. But they did change the director for the second and I'm not sure it was much better.
    Obviously my opinion doesn't matter much though, they're making a TON of money off these lol.

  4. Used to love it, then just got FED UP of it being EVERYWHERE and all the fuss, however I saw Eclipse yesterday and thought it was good. I can't be bothered with the vampires though, just the werewolves.

  5. I must said I love the Twilight saga. I've read all the books and the last book about Bree Tanner. I really enjoy this saga.


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  7. I'm about two thirds through the first book and liking it. I'm looking forward to the fourth as I know nothing about that where as I have seen the movies.
    E x

  8. I love those books, but I think you have to take the movies with a grain of salt. BTW, I'm Team Edward!! If you're looking for beauty tips, make sure to check out Fit&FabLiving!

  9. Brave subject to tackle! I'm pro twilight - love the books, not to keen on the films and the pouty 'teens'. Hope you enjoy!

    I'm pretty new to this blogging thing - I would be grateful if you could pop over and have a look?


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