Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bare faced! FOT(other)D

Hey there peeps

Just a quick post today. I’ve not been well of late, I’m sick of saying that. I have this flu/cold/stomach bug which won’t seem to shift. I’ve just had a sleep and still feel rough. But anyway, feeling sorry for myself aside, I thought I would post a quick FOT(other)D.

I had been wearing bright colours the day before so decided to go totally for nudes. On my eyes I used my Kat Von D Ludwig palette, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara. For the lips I used an Illamasqua Lipstick in Bitch. It was kinda nice to go “bare” for a change.

Oh and sorry for me looking so torn faced in the photos, it was the only decent photo I got as I only had a quiet sec to get snapping.

I'll hopefully be back to normal soon and get posting some more.

E x

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Revlon Matte win and MUA fail

Hey there folks
Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. I’ve had some time off work so I have been out and about doing things and just generally chilling out with family and Mr E. It’s been lovely.

I’ve had a couple of little spends of late (which I will post about) but before I forget I just wanted to recap on the matte colours I wanted as a brow highlight (see previous post) and show you this little booty.

Firstly the winner for me and absolute perfect colour is a Relvon Matte shade in 001 - Vintage Lace. I love it. I bought a couple of these matte shades when I was in the states and wasn’t overly impressed but certainly good for the price. This literally just caught my eye in Superdrug and I am over the moon that it did. Affordable, the ideal colour and matte, what more can I ask for?

Secondly is the MUA colours. Now for a £1 I can’t really expect a hell of a lot but to be honest I would rather save up my pounds and get something better. For example the Sleek palettes are only £5.99 for several colours and are of better quality IMO. I bought shade 6 and 17. A green and biege. The biege doesn’t really do anything. I may use it in the crease if I wanted a natural looking contour but it would probably require several layers. The green I used in a recent FOTD and you can see in the photos that it has already started to crease - and that was with a lot of blending and a base underneath. It does have a nice sheer quality which I sorted liked but not enough to keep using it on a regular basis.

Lastly I bought a couple of cheap brushes. Both around £3 I think. Now I don’t have piles of cash so my brushes tend to be cheap to mid range (ELF brushes etc). The QVS brush I really like and have a few of these. I like the size for placing the colour and they wash well. The Superdrug brush was a new buy and a bit of a waste. Waaaaay to stiff to be a blending brush but I will use it for something no doubt.

Also just wanted to say that I have noticed that I am creeping up to the 250 followers mark. Once I do hit that magic number I will have another wee give away. Going to try and make something again for this one plus a bit of MU obviously. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to my followers and to anyone taking time out to read my scribbles.

More posts soon I promise.

Have a great weekend !

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Inexpensive FOTD

I thought I would do an inexpensive FOTD.

Face wise I used Barbara Daly make up, foundation, eyeshadow base and concealer. The foundation I like. It’s very fresh and feels light on the skin. The eyeshadow base I love, I use it everyday (pulling out the expensive stuff for nights out). I ran out of it the other week and couldn’t get to Tesco to get another. Felt a little lost with out it, when I did get to the shop I bought two! At four pounds I think this is great value and really helps keep my eyeshadow put all day. The concealer I’m not a huge fan of, it tends to sink into lines after a few hours. I have buffed it right into the skin and still find that this happens. However in fairness I am comparing it to Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer! Blusher wise I used a Boots No7 colour from a compact I have.

On the eyes I used a Revlon matte pale colour as a brow highlight (£4.99) and then two MUA’s eyeshadows on the crease and lid. At only £1 each they are not the most fantastic of shadows but for the price they are workable. I did find the colour creased quite easily (in fact I think it shows in this photo) but if creasing doesn‘t bother you then why not. I just took a little blending brush in my make up bag in my hand bag and gave it a little extra blend when needed. I don’t think I would buy the MUA eyeshadows again but still fun to use. I will blog about these next.

On the lips I used a Maybelline water shine gloss.

I did this look mainly to try out the new cheap shadows I had bought and just decided to stick to an inexpensive theme. Personally I don’t have a huge amount of cash to be spending on cosmetics every week so it’s good to know there are decent products out there in the cheaper range.

What's your favourite inexpensive product?

E x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Help - Show me the matte!

Hey guys

I need a little help.
I am really pale so as an everyday highlight on my brow bone I tend to use a matte white blended out. For quite some time now I have been using Rimmel's matte white. It's cheap and does the job well. However it's a nightmare to get a hold of. Everywhere I go I can't seem to get my hands on it.

So I thought I would just buy another high street/drug store brand. I don't have the pennies at the moment to be buying MAC or Illamasqua. Plus, I know it may sound daft, but if I'm spending a cit of cash I want something a little more exciting than white. For expensive goods I tend to get colours!

Everywhere I go though it's shimmer, shimmer, shimmer. Nothing matte.

Actually my perfect skin tone colour would be a lightest pale colour in the Bohemian Sleek palette but that was limited addition and I've almost ran out of the colour I have.

So please help folks. Can you point me in the direction of a pale/white cheap matte eyeshadow?

E x

Monday, 2 August 2010

FOTD - Bronze and Blue

Here’s a quick face of the day.

I went for a bronzey blue look. I used a Rimmel cream base in a light bronze colour just for the shadow to have something to grab on to. I then used the matte dark brown mixed with the gold shadow from my Sleek Storm palette on the middle of the lid with a tiny amount of Illamasqua‘s bronze liquid metal. I then used the dark shimmery blue from the same palette on the inside and outside corners. Blended away, black liner on the water line, a pale skin tone of shadow on the brow bone and some mascara and done.
Everything else I left really pale. I quite like it and might wear it again. Gotta love having a bit of a play with make up.

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday treats you well.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Photo from my life

Haven't done one of these for a while.

My best mate from Uni met up for the weekend and we did a few arty farty things. One of which was viewing some of Antony Gormley's sculptures.

Had a brilliant weekend, hope you guys did too.

E x