Saturday, 28 August 2010

Revlon Matte win and MUA fail

Hey there folks
Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while. I’ve had some time off work so I have been out and about doing things and just generally chilling out with family and Mr E. It’s been lovely.

I’ve had a couple of little spends of late (which I will post about) but before I forget I just wanted to recap on the matte colours I wanted as a brow highlight (see previous post) and show you this little booty.

Firstly the winner for me and absolute perfect colour is a Relvon Matte shade in 001 - Vintage Lace. I love it. I bought a couple of these matte shades when I was in the states and wasn’t overly impressed but certainly good for the price. This literally just caught my eye in Superdrug and I am over the moon that it did. Affordable, the ideal colour and matte, what more can I ask for?

Secondly is the MUA colours. Now for a £1 I can’t really expect a hell of a lot but to be honest I would rather save up my pounds and get something better. For example the Sleek palettes are only £5.99 for several colours and are of better quality IMO. I bought shade 6 and 17. A green and biege. The biege doesn’t really do anything. I may use it in the crease if I wanted a natural looking contour but it would probably require several layers. The green I used in a recent FOTD and you can see in the photos that it has already started to crease - and that was with a lot of blending and a base underneath. It does have a nice sheer quality which I sorted liked but not enough to keep using it on a regular basis.

Lastly I bought a couple of cheap brushes. Both around £3 I think. Now I don’t have piles of cash so my brushes tend to be cheap to mid range (ELF brushes etc). The QVS brush I really like and have a few of these. I like the size for placing the colour and they wash well. The Superdrug brush was a new buy and a bit of a waste. Waaaaay to stiff to be a blending brush but I will use it for something no doubt.

Also just wanted to say that I have noticed that I am creeping up to the 250 followers mark. Once I do hit that magic number I will have another wee give away. Going to try and make something again for this one plus a bit of MU obviously. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to my followers and to anyone taking time out to read my scribbles.

More posts soon I promise.

Have a great weekend !

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