Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rimmel - Matte me up - NOTD

When it came to the whole matte nail thing that kicked off a little while back, I never really got on board. I just didn't fancy it much for no particular reason other than liking shiny nails. However everyone seems to be bringing out a matte top coat so I thought "what the hell, why not". I didn't know if I would be using it much so I went for the cheaper option of Rimmel.
I can't remember the exact price but I think it was about £5.

Now I am restricted colour wise in my job, it's just not the place for spanking bright colours, and I do miss them from time to time, especially bright reds but there is always the weekend. Although this forced colour palette has made me fall a little in love with all things neutral.
So here is a before and after shot using a Nails Inc (I think it was the freebie coloue from the Boots Cola offer). Oh and sorry for the state of my nails. Had a lot of broken nails recently.

And of course after:

After trying this little beauty out I can honestly say I am ready to be matted up! I really like it. I may not have the choice colour wise but I now have a pick of finish. What I also like, although I am fairly certain that this is not a selling point, is the way the top coat kinda wears off and the days go past. So I have super matte on day one and then a satin finish a couple of days after. This may bug some folks but I kinda like it.

I've seen a good few Matte nail top coat posts out there in the blog world, are you tempted to go matte?



  1. can't wait to get this, keep meaning to get it with my boots points then forget the card! snap on the nail colour today as well!

  2. I officially love matte nails!

  3. Hi beautiful Eliza!
    This is a great product indeed!
    Hands up for matte nails!

  4. ops nice design.your choice is really beautiful.
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