Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Twilight Knits

As you may already know from previous posts I'm new the world of Twilight. I'm almost finished the second book (although I've seen all 3 movies). I'm also learning to crochet and knit, once again repeating myself I know. Sorry.
So I'm combining the both. There are plenty of Twilight inspired knitting patterns out there and there are a good few many I want to try once my skills pick up. Any way here are two pairs of "Alice Mitts" that I have recently knitted. I'm pretty pleased with them.

Inspired by all things vampy I decided to do a red eye the other day. I haven't really used my Circus Sleek palette as I wasn't overly keen on it but the pink and red were calling me. Everything else I kept super pale as you can see. I would certainly use these colours again. Red on the eyes always feels a little different as not many people use it. In certain lights it also looked a bit purple IMO.

Hope you are all doing well.

Oh and while on a vampire topic any True Blood fans out there, loving season 3!

E x


  1. You are such a talented knitter/crotchet person. I wish I could do that. Love the mitts. I almost bought a slouchy rast type hat in the colour of the first pair of mitts this weekend. I must learn how to make one! Emma x

  2. Love the mitts they are so cool, im your newest follower xx

  3. Look at those pretty eyes! I love the vampire look!! Your mitts look so comfy, I may want ones myself for the winter to come...
    Just become a new follower, it seems we have some things in common!!

  4. Emma - Making hats with Crochet is so easy. I'm totally addicted now. Youtube have some great how to vids.

    Nicoletta - Thanks and thanks for following!

    Catanya - Thank you. I'm glad you like the mitts as I'm thinking of making a pair for a giveaway soon.

    E x

  5. I like the mitts, they look comfy :) Not a Twilight fan but I am a HUGE True Blood fan. Love, love, love that show!

  6. I want to start knitting properly, I haven't in so long I don't think i'll be very good but still!


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